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We created R Fashion
- our responsible womenswear brand worth celebrating!
We’ve championed the cause to end fashion waste through R Fashion. Through 12+ collections and collaborations with 13 designers from across the globe, R Fashion has graced the racks of retailers such as Net-a-Porter, Lane Crawford and Barneys New York. We’ve also dressed you, our beloved community through our e-commerce website.

Together we rescued 267,000 yards of textile and clothing waste and created cool clothes with a conscience.

After a successful seven remarkable years, we have concluded R Fashion’s journey so that we can hyper-focus on our other areas of work through R Products and R Textiles where we are making the most positive impact.
Letter From Our Founder
Letter From Our Founder
Our founder celebrates the huge collective impact we have achieved to date, highlighting moments worth being proud of as we say goodbye to R Fashion and celebrate stronger beginnings with R Products and R Textiles.
Celebrating R Fashion Collections
We rescued, reused and recycled a wide range of luxury waste materials back into wardrobes. We created various breakthrough collections in partnership with leading global partners, piloting new supply chains, recycling collaborations and magnifying various sustainable design techniques from global award winning sustainable designers.
Denim Reimagined with Levi's®
NETSUSTAIN with Net-a-Porter
Revival with Avery Dennison
Recircle as seen in Vogue
Capsule with Lane Crawford
We created a nine-piece upcycled denim collection, called Denim Reimagined, using Levi’s® aged inventory and irregular and leftover samples, which was designed by Hong Kong award-winning designer, Jesse Lee. This collaborative collection demonstrated our creative design efforts to prolong denim’s lifespan.

Discover the collection here.
We created an exclusive, eight piece upcycled collection for NET-A-PORTER’s sustainability focused curated platform, NET SUSTAIN, which was designed in collaboration with two award-winning sustainable designers.

Read the full story here.
We created Revival, our womenswear collection, which also championed Avery Dennison’s cutting-edge Digital Labelling solutions, that enabled our customers to enjoy our brand story throughout their customer experience, and plastic-free packaging solutions.

Learn more about our collaboration here.
Through RECIRCLE, we manifesting the ideology of slow fashion into better capsule collections. Made by recycling - instead of incinerating - luxury IP-sensitive silk fabrics, RECIRCLE works hard to stamp out fashion’s waste and catalyse circularity.

Learn more about our RECIRCLE here.
We designed a limited-edition collection for Lane Crawford's 'Good Feels' campaign, utilizing rescued military waste. Designed by Redress Alumnus Lia Kassif, this collaboration showcased our creative approach to repurposing textile waste.

Learn more about our the collection here.

R Heroes

R Heroes

To our cherished community, we extend a sincere thank you for believing in us. Fear not, we will be calling on you to continue being our heroes as we continue rescuing, reusing and recycling fashion waste as we continue our journey.

Discover more of our supporters here.

The R Collective lives on…
We are here to support and we’ve still got your back on pieces already bought. Learn more about your recent orders on our FAQ page.