R Excess Materials
We are passionate about fashion and meticulous about rescuing materials.
We have unrivalled access to waste, through collaborations with luxury fashion businesses and connections deep within supply chains in manufacturing hotspots.
We love a challenge! So we seek challenging waste streams of stunning materials to rescue that may otherwise teeter towards landfill, incineration or downcycling into low grade materials.
Our large, collaborative network means we provide solutions for different fashion businesses, channelling their excess into the circular fashion system, avoiding the need to create virgin materials for our responsible products.

R Validation
R Validation
We are authorities on ‘waste’. But defining what ‘waste’ is and is not and is not an easy task. We work on the most challenging excess materials, which we validate through our R Mark, our hallmark that assures the rescue of waste for reuse or recycling.
For select waste rescue missions, we work with SGS, the world's leading testing, inspection and certification company, to verify the safety and durability of our materials through additional fabric physical and chemical testing. In some projects, we work with SGS on their Upcycling Verification Program that demonstrates traceability and transparency in the supply chain to verify our waste materials.
R Excess Material Partners
We work with forward-thinking brands and manufacturing partners to co-solve their material excess to benefit people and the planet - and to make the circular economy come to life.
Most businesses routinely end up with excess materials that are generated through their regular operations that, for a host of routine reasons, become unwanted for their larger scale production. Through our collaborative long-term and ad-hoc partnerships, we create solutions for IP and non IP sensitive excess materials, which enables us to put waste back to work.
We’re pleased to share some of our partnerships with leading quality suppliers, including:
We’re pleased to share select of our brand partnerships with leading luxury and premium luxury brands, including: