R Materials
We are passionate about fashion and meticulous about rescuing materials.
We have unrivalled access to waste, through collaborations with luxury fashion businesses and connections deep within supply chains in manufacturing hotspots.
We love a challenge! So we seek challenging waste streams of stunning materials to rescue that may otherwise teeter towards landfill, incineration or downcycling into low grade materials. And because we do not buy deadstock materials, we know we’re having the biggest positive environmental impacts.
Our large, collaborative network means we provide solutions for different fashion businesses, channelling their excess into the circular fashion system, avoiding the need to create virgin materials for our responsible products.
Discover a small selection of our rescued waste materials here.

* The carbon and water savings are evaluated by our assessment partner, Impact of Fashion, using a series of impact assessments that classifies and combines the flows of materials, energy, and emissions into and out of each product system by the type of impact their use or release has on the environment from thousands of data points. They compare our products made from rescued fabrics to the same products made of virgin materials, analysed from fibre production to product completion
R Validation
R Validation
We are authorities on ‘waste’. But defining what ‘waste’ is and is not and not an easy task. We work on the most challenging excess materials, which we validate through our R Mark, our hallmark that assures the rescue of waste for reuse or recycling.
For select waste, we work with SGS, the world's leading testing, inspection and certification company, to verify the safety and durability of our materials through additional fabric physical and chemical testing. In some projects, we work with SGS on their Upcycling Verification Program that demonstrates traceability and transparency in the supply chain to verify our waste materials.
R Packaging Materials
Lots of packaging materials are used within fashion, from the supply chain to your front door. Naturally, we reduce all that we can. We use the best packaging and labeling solutions, including our e-commerce mailer that is made from environmentally friendly kraft paper and can be easily recycled by our customers, some recycled yarn labels and digital care labels, in partnership with global leader in materials science and branding, Avery Dennison.
On delivery, we partner with UPS, one of the largest and most trusted global shipping and logistics companies, to provide carbon-neutral shipping on all current orders to our customers, with no added costs to our customers so that we support reduced-impact business solutions for the fashion industry.
Your Care
Your Care
We like to dream that fabrics are for life - not just for fashion. And because we so carefully rescue, reuse and recycle fabrics to give them another life, we respectfully pass the responsibility baton over to you, helping you along the way with our care advice. We believe you’ll want to care for your products and fabrics too so that they last for longer. You’ll also lighten your laundry load and your energy and environmental price tag.