We believe in minimising waste by challenging the way fashion is made. We create sustainable fashion using rescued textile waste sourced from the world’s leading luxury fashion brands and reputable mills and manufacturers, we reuse these materials through upcycling, reimagining the destiny of textile waste with timeless designs. With our innovative techniques and sustainable designer collaborations, we are catalysing the circular fashion revolution. Take a closer look at our latest upcycled capsule 'Denim Reimagined'. 

We are passionate about inspiring a better culture for clothing care, from sustainable laundry to re-styling inspirations, to help keep your clothes walking the walk in the fashion system. Learn more on how you can reduce your clothing’s climate impact with #WearAndCare.


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You can call us fans of SLOW fashion if you like. We want you to keep your clothes in the fashion loop for as long as possible. The more you love your clothes, the more inspired you will be to style them over and over. Discover how you can better take care of your clothes.

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We donate 25% of our profits to Redress, reducing waste and driving sustainability in the fashion industry.