R World
About Us
The R Collective is a social impact business in London and Hong Kong, born in 2017, to end fashion waste by rescuing, reusing and recycling fashion waste. We create responsible products and clothing with a conscience.
We are a collective team of highly-experienced fashion professionals from design to finance with a united goal of creating a world-changing circular fashion system that reduces waste and pollution, with our sister charity, Redress.
Putting waste back to work
We work alongside top fashion brands and manufacturers to end fashion waste. We reuse and recycle their luxury fabrics. One dumper truck of textile waste is landfilled or incinerated every second, polluting our planet - from air, soil to oceans*. Let’s change the world.
R Products
We rescue, reuse and recycle luxury textile and leather waste from global leading fashion businesses to create a variety of responsible corporate products and packaging for our global corporate partners.
R Textiles
We rescue and recycle complex IP sensitive fabrics and garments in collaboration with our global leading luxury brand partners to provide recycling and circular product solutions.
As of February 2024, we have wrapped up R Fashion to concentrate intensely on our impactful work in R Products and R Circular Textiles.
It all started with a cycling trip
It was a 1,200km bike ride through China's expansive manufacturing hinterland that formed The R Collective. Pedalling through polluted cityscapes and landscapes that house wall-to-wall gigantic factories that make the clothes for the world unlocked an emotional and intellectual blind spot on the origin of the world’s clothing and textiles. Seeing is believing. The scale of fashion consumption and the parallel scale of textile waste became the inception for our mission.
Our team found each other!
We are a group of fashion professionals - from sourcing to production, marketing to finance – dedicated to addressing fashion waste, with a circular system of reuse, repurpose, recycle.
We are the first fashion business globally to use SGS’ ‘Upcycling Verification Program’.
We verify our waste materials to ensure traceability and transparency in the supply chain but also conduct physical and chemical testing to further verify the safety and durability. Learn more here.
Better choices when you shop
R Fashion was rated ‘Great’ on Good on you. We work tirelessly to prove that fashion can be created with more sustainable options.
We give back
We give back
We were inspired into life through the work of our sister charity, Redress, which has the mission to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy by educating designers and consumers so as to reduce clothing’s negative impacts.
We collaborate with Redress to magnify lasting change.