Our Story

The R Collective is a social impact upcycled fashion brand with a mission to create beautiful clothes using waste materials that was born from Redress, the pioneering Hong Kong based charity working since 2007 to reduce waste in fashion. Conceived by Redress’ Founder, Christina Dean, we are a team of highly seasoned and dedicated fashion professionals from design, sourcing, production, marketing, business and sustainability working with the collective goal of creating the world’s best sustainable fashion brand that reduces waste and pollution, empowers consumers and raises funds for charity Redress. With our heart set on reducing the estimated 92 million tons of industry textile waste that is created annually1, we boldly pair creativity, courage and conviction to divert waste from landfill and incineration and into wardrobes. And so, The R Collective journey began.

We believe in minimising waste by challenging the way fashion is made. We create sustainable fashion using rescued textile waste sourced from world-leading luxury fashion brands and reputable mills and manufacturers, we reuse these materials through upcycling, reimagining the destiny of textile waste with timeless and versatile designs. With our innovative techniques and sustainable designer collaborations, we are catalysing the circular fashion revolution.

We collaborate with award-winning sustainable designers from around the world to create unique upcycled collections, which complement our in-house Main Collections. Our unique access to over 150+ innovative design talents from The Redress Design Award, the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition run by Redress, enables us to reuse a broad range of rescued textile waste and to build a circular fashion system.

R Collective Impact

We donate 25% of our profits to Redress, reducing waste and driving sustainability in the fashion industry.

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R Collective Culture

Do Better

We are committed to doing better for fashion and the environment. From minimising waste, upcycling materials, to collaborating with sustainable fashion designers. We breathe new life to rescued materials, reimagining the destiny of textile waste with a collaborative creative team. Advocates of slow fashion, we believe in creating meaningful designs you’ll truly love for years, not just for one season.

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Slow Down

We want to slow fashion down, starting at the drawing board where we lavish time into designing versatile and timeless collections made to last for seasons to come. We source quality waste materials from reputable brands, mills and manufacturers, rescuing these from becoming waste so as to slow virgin textile production down.

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Give Back

We are focused on giving back through delivering impact. With your support, we reduce waste and pollution and raise funds for charity Redress by giving 25% of our profits to Redress, supporting the charity in their work to educate industry and consumers about circular fashion, reducing waste in the fashion industry.

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The R Collective Team

Christina Dean

CEO, Founder

Christina is a global pioneer in sustainable fashion. She founded Redress, the (Hong Kong) NGO educating on circular fashion, over a decade ago and is an author, host and columnist. She is named as one UK’s ‘Top 30 Most Inspirational Women’ by British Vogue.

Petra Schweiger

Waste Business Development Director

Petra’s 20 years’ supply chain experience with various global fashion brands gives her in-depth fabric and garment technical know-how alongside her extensive sourcing and buying expertise in Asian markets, which she matches with her determination to create a better industry.

Luz Luk


Luz graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a degree in Fashion and Textile Design. She supports our design team by exploring creative solutions to reduce textile waste using waste-reducing design techniques.

Seerat Virdi

Marketing Assistant

Seerat has a 6 year career in fashion from buying and merchandising to an award-winning sustainable fashion designer. Her enthusiasm and passion for ethical fashion has led her to support our Marketing and E-Commerce team.

Jasmine Chow

Waste Sourcing Operations & Logistics

Jasmine graduated from Hong Kong’s SCAD with a degree in Fashion Design. She is passionate about sustainable fashion and manufacturing and combines her curiosity for both to support our design and production teams.

Meet Our Designers

1Global Fashion Agenda & The Boston Consulting Group 2017