A limited-edition upcycled denim collection designed in collaboration with award-winning designer Jesse Lee supported by Levi’s®, uniting innovative design, manufacturing and labelling to reduce clothing’s climate impact.

Every piece is made from upcycled Levi’s® aged inventory and irregular/leftover samples in a creative design effort to prolong denim’s lifespan.

These were unstitched and then resewed by an eco model denim manufacturer, under Crystal International Group, who have implemented many sustainability initiatives over the past 10 years, with significant savings of energy, carbon footprint, water and chemicals.

With creativity and experimentation central to Jesse’s design journey, original seams and raw edges are overt references to each piece’s previous life as multiple pairs of separate jeans. Each piece in the collection features the hallmark of Levi’s®, with original Levi’s® hardware and authentic Levi’s® labelling.

My new upcycled collection brings sustainability to the forefront. Around 80% of a product’s environmental impact is locked in at the design stage. I reimagined my entire design process so that people understand how their clothing choices and care habits affect climate change.

Jesse Lee

Our mission is to reduce fashion’s negative environmental impact. *The fashion industry contributes to 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. When it comes to denim, consumer care and fabric production are the most significant phases for climate change impact. This brave partnership with global-leading fashion businesses that are already deeply engaged on these issues highlights how collaboration paves the way for sustainable fashion breakthroughs.

- Christina Dean, Founder and CEO of The R Collective

*UNFCCC, 2016


One pair of jeans, along its entire lifestyle from crop to disposal, generates 33.4kg CO2-e, which is the equivalent of driving 69 miles by the average US car.* By finding a second life for Levi’s® aged inventory and irregular/leftover samples, we’re avoiding the need to create raw materials and reducing fashion’s negative environmental impact.

*According to Levi’s® Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

In partnership with Avery Dennison, Denim Reimagined’s product labelling is made from recycled materials and using zero-waste water-soluble materials to highlight our #WearAndCare initiative. Each of the clothing’s care labels include an integrated digital experience, provided by EVRYTHNG. Simply scan the unique QR code on the garment’s care label to learn more about the clothing item and receive one of four different sustainability-themed messages: how the garment was made; how to care for clothes to reduce clothing’s climate impact; solutions to keep fashion in use and out of landfills; and the collection’s story.


37% of jeans’ climate change impact comes from the way we care for it. Prolong your garment’s life and reduce your climate impact. Wash less, wash cold, line dry.

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Extending the life of clothes by just nine extra months of active use would reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by around 20-30% each. Keep your clothes in the fashion loop and out of landfills.

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