R Products
Co-created with Corporates
We rescue, reuse and recycle waste into a wide variety of branded, responsible corporate products for our current and onboarding partners, ranging from banks, beauty and fashion brands, to airlines, hotels, malls and retail outlets.
Our Process
We rescue exciting materials from unique waste streams, from luxury brands to industrial businesses, including leathers, cottons, silks to industrial car airbags and tuk tuk covers!
We co-create products by designing anything from limited-edition to large bulk, including totes, amenity bags, T-shirts to hangers, with our world-class manufacturing partners.
We co-craft the product’s messaging with our corporates to aid their responsible storytelling. Each of our products carries our R Mark, our hallmark that assures the rescue of waste for reuse or recycling.
Through this entire reuse process, we rescue top quality existing materials and reduce fashion’s environmental impact, such as the impact of greenhouse gas emissions, intensive water use and pollution that results from the production of new textiles.

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Our Projects
All of our products carry our R Mark, our hallmark that assures the rescue of waste for reuse or recycling.
Leather Products
Amenity Bags
Besopke Bags
We create totes, one of our most versatile and successful products in various sizes, materials and constructions to meet various price points, with a range of storytelling labels, QR codes and branding, using our Asian suppliers.
We create various small leather goods, including wallets, cross body bags and pouches, using luxury rescued leather and a range of embossing and printing with our Italian and Chinese expert leather suppliers.
We create various amenity products, utilizing different rescued materials, sizes, trims, embellishments and construction techniques and branding options to create routine to bespoke products.
We create certified organic cotton T-shirts using rescued cotton yarn in any pantone and size to create a quintessentially responsible T shirt.
We create various branded recycled clothing hangers using clothing waste, from consumers’ discarded clothes to brands’ excess aged inventory, as a design solution for some of the toughest waste streams to handle.
We create bespoke bags as exclusive purpose-driven environmental and social projects. Examples include our totes, created using rescued tent material, previously used in pilgrimages and produced with Saudi Arabian social enterprises; and our backpacks produced with local Sri Lankan artisans and award-winning sustainable designers.