R Circular Textiles
We recycle waste
We recycle IP sensitive fabrics and garments, which are often unsuitable for reuse as-is due to the brand sensitive prints, logos or patterns, to rescue quality materials from potential incineration and to give them a new life.
How do we recover waste?
How do we recover waste?
Thanks to improved technology and our recycling partnerships, we recycle these tricky waste streams into recycled yarns and recycled fabrics. We then funnel our recycled materials into various streams to start their next life as either R Circular Textiles, in which we recirculate recycled fabrics back to our original brand partners to help their circular journeys, or within R Fashion and R Products.

All products carry our R Mark, our hallmark that assures the rescue of waste for reuse or recycling.
Raw material input
Pre-treatment & Cleaning
Shredding and carding
Silk Filament Recycling Pilot
IP sensitive silk recycling
1. A luxury brands’ unwanted IP sensitive silk fabric sorted by colour and type *
2. An innovative silk recycling process takes fabrics back to fibres
3. High quality fibres are recycled into a 100% recycled silk yarn
4. Product: Click here to go to our silk knit collection kickstarter page
* brands’ IP is blurred for confidentiality reasons