R Responsible Products: from C-Suite to Consumers

In the fast-paced world of fashion consumption, trends change in the blink of an eye, leaving behind a trail of textile waste and environmental devastation. The R Collective rescues, reuses and recycles waste into responsible corporate products and recycling solutions, which the C-suite is demanding. But putting waste back to work is not child’s play, as our Founder Dr. Christina Dean explains.

"Fashion’s underbelly of excessive textile waste has, for too long, been swept under the carpet. It's baffling how this has been possible, given that the equivalent of one dumper truck of textiles is either landfilled or incinerated worldwide every second."¹ says Dean.

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“Now, when it comes to tackling fashion’s waste full on, times are changing from the C-suite to the consumer,” said Dean. “The R Collective is rising to the occasion of putting waste back to work by expanding our business to business operations, partnering with global corporates to create waste-busting solutions and products that make a difference.”

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C-Suites: Wanting Change From The Top  

Global corporate gifting is an important component of the overall gifting market. Surveys indicate rising awareness of sustainable products among C-suites, where sustainability becomes the most significant attribute for corporate gifts, as compared with general respondents. 


Market for sustainable corporate products.²


“We’ve witnessed the growing demand for sustainable and responsible products from our global corporate partners,” said Dean. “And we’ve responded to this by co-creating various corporate gifts, including bespoke projects.” 

Making Responsible Products and Positive impact 

We rescue, reuse and recycle fashion’s waste to create responsible circular products and recycling solutions for global businesses. Because we rescue waste, we don’t use virgin resources, which clocks environmental savings, as much as C-suite fans, along the way.

Take, for example, our signature R Product tote, a tangible example of how fashion waste can be transformed into something beautiful and meaningful.


Rescuing waste. It’s not child's play, but we’re leading the game 

Our impressive and growing waste rescue tally might give the illusion that rescuing waste is easy. But this is far from the truth. Our expert team, from finance, production, design to logistics, works tirelessly with our leading global fashion brand partners to operate complex rescue missions in different countries with different materials and supply chains. With seven years of rescuing and 267,000 yards of waste successfully rescued to date, we are ready to lead the game. 

“The world is awash with waste and so you’d think it was easy to rescue and redesign into it,” continued Dean. “Navigating complex logistical, material, supply chain and design challenges literally keeps us up at night. But we’re good with that; we embrace complexity wholeheartedly, recognising that the path to progress is often paved with resistance.”


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 ² Source: 2019-2020 KNACK: Business Gifting Strategy Report

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