Responsible Backpack
Exclusively For UBS

At The R Collective, we put waste back to work. Created exclusively for UBS, this bespoke R Product backpack takes us one small step closer to achieving our vision - of a world without waste.

Together with our industrial waste upcycling brand partner, SO4, this bag is made from rescued waste materials, including car airbags, tuk tuk covers, strap and tyre waste, alongside rescued deadstock, write off textile waste.

Click through the video to discover the journey.

This bag has had a unique journey to reach to you…
This bag has had a unique journey to reach to you…
Handcrafted by Sri Lankan artisans, this one-of-a-kind bag may carry irregularities and authentic markings that represent the waste materials’ previous life. We like to think of any markings as subtle signs of victory in giving waste a second life!

Our Process
Through this entire reuse process, we rescue top quality existing materials and reduce fashion’s environmental impact, such as the impact of greenhouse gas emissions, intensive water use and pollution that results from the production of new textiles.
We rescue exciting materials from unique waste streams, from luxury brands to industrial businesses, including leathers, cottons, silks to industrial car airbags and tuk tuk covers!
We co-create products by designing anything from limited-edition to large bulk, including totes, amenity bags, T-shirts to hangers, with our world-class manufacturing partners.
We co-craft the product’s messaging with our corporates to aid their responsible storytelling. Each of our products carries our R Mark, our hallmark that assures the rescue of waste for reuse or recycling.

About SO4

SO4 is an industrial waste upcycling brand founded by Ruth Weerasinghe, a previous winner of the Redress Design Award, the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition.

SO4 rescues durable industrial waste to create unique clothing and accessories to build awareness on industrial waste pollution. Discover more here.