The R Collective and Levi Strauss & Co. show that collaboration is key to combating climate change

We’ve always believed in the power of collaboration. That’s why we are excited to announce our support from Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&Co.) with the confirmed grant for an exciting project that The R Collective will champion, with support from Redress, to change the way you wear and wash your clothes – all with the climate in mind! 

This funding comes after our Founder & CEO, Christina Dean joined LS&Co.’s Collaboratory fellow class of 2018, following being selected as one of eleven world-leading social entrepreneurs working to create a more sustainable apparel industry by addressing the most important social and environmental challenges. And that includes us! 

Christina with her LS&Co. Collaboratory fellows

Christina with her LS&Co. Collaboratory fellows 

“Taking part in the Levi's Collaboratory gave my passion for a more sustainable fashion industry the perfect supportive and amplifying sounding board, which allowed ideas to grow from concept into real change,” said Christina Dean, “Being around the table with my fellows – from around the world and from around Levi Strauss & Co.’s business – to look at life and fashion's bigger picture gave me a new spring to my stride, so needed on the long climb ahead.”

Christina, and her other LS&Co. Collaboratory fellows including Ali El Idrissi, Founder & CEO of UpChoose, Ashley Etling, CEO & Co-Founder of LimeLoop and Marianne Hughes, Founder and CEO of GetKno attended a week-long workshop at Levi’s Eureka Innovation Lab in San Francisco, where Christina – with 6 week old Sasha in tow, often attached to the boob - had the unique opportunity to work through ideas with LS&Co. leaders to together concoct our exciting project: a war on climate change fought through laundry care.

Christina Dean with her 6 week old baby

Christina Dean with 6-week old baby Sasha at the week long LS&Co. Collaboratory workshop

According to Levi’s Life Cycle Analysis study, 37% of climate change impact from a pair of Levis’ 501 jeans arises from consumer care. With The R Collective’s grant from LS&Co., we will lay the groundwork for a long-term sustainable consumer care project that addresses your environmental impact through how you care for your clothing so that we can, cleanly, mitigate climate change in the laundry department.

We’ve always believed in the importance of care and strive to empower you with the know-how on how to prolong your garments’ life. Learn more about our Garment Care.

We can’t wait to unveil our campaign supported by LS&Co. Collaboratory to further drive real, tangible change, lowering our collective carbon footprint in the fashion industry. Watch this space! 

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