Our Lowdown on Lockdown

Lockdown may be lifting - what about your spirits?
Over the past month, our R Collective friends joined #Patchedtogether campaign, led by our long-standing partners, Avery Dennison, to demonstrate our collective resolve to get through these challenging times, together. Our mix and 'patch' proposition bosted iron-on and digital patches splattered with encouraging messages, like BE SAFE, BE KIND, BE NICE. Sometimes easier said than done, we know! 
Coming out of lockdown-closets all around the world, we stayed CONNECTED and created a dialogue that gave rise to conversations that challenged us to RETHINK our fashion and personal choices, and accept that our fragile system needs a heavy RESET whilst resolving to be honest, compassionate and KIND.  
Here’s what some of our friends said...


Creative Director, Sophie-Briditt Debuf wearing our Avalon Jumpsuit and Avery Dennison's Stand United patch.

These unprecedented times have had a profound impact on the way we live, work and interact. The silver lining of this dramatic situation is the long due RESET that our planet needed and the radical positive impact on our environment. As we slowly come out of lockdown, I am witnessing big collective wake-up calls in how we conduct our lifestyles.

As consumers, I’m hoping this pandemic is making us increasingly more aware of how things are sourced and produced, from the food on our table to the clothes we wear.  Let’s unite in the fight for a healthier planet. We all have a huge role to play, and little changes in our consumerism can go a long way! Sustainability is not a trend; it’s the future.

Sophie-Briditt Debuf


Editor at large & Style Director, Jing Zhang wearing the Avalon Jumpsuit and Avery Dennison's 'Be Nice' patch.

Fashion needs a RESET, as do we. Together we need to campaign to promote sustainability and kindness, way after this crisis is finally behind us. I’ve chosen to patch “Be Nice” onto my The R Collective piece. Hopefully, we can come out of this challenging time more aware, more conscious, and... Nicer! To a more sustainable future!

Jing Zhang 


Environmentalist, Tanja Wessels wearing our Calabash Dress.

We are wading in the waters of uncertainty at the moment; there is so much economic upheaval, interrupted supply chains, and personal financial uncertainty. At best, all we can do is speculate. For many, this has been a time of reflection and introspection, with the hopes that this unprecedented global experience RESETS the agenda. 

 I remain hopeful that the pendulum will swing in a new, better direction. However, keeping our eyes open to what is happening around us helps us best position ourselves to deal with the world as it is, rather than how we wish for it to be.

Tanja Wessels



Sustainability StrategistLilian Liu wearing our Aldgate Dress

Fashion needs a RETHINK. Brands are questioning the very systems that have perpetuated unsustainable and destructive fashion for a long time, and are now thinking up shorter and more resilient supply chains, fewer seasonal collections, to moving production to on-demand.

I am very excited to see where we land and if this will mean a lasting change. Personally, as a consumer, I am thinking twice about any clothing purchases I make and am aiming for fewer and better. People everywhere are getting more informed about how clothes are actually produced and the challenges the industry is facing. Once you see, you can't unsee.

Lilian Liu


Features Editor at Baazar UK, Helena Lee wearing the Jenner Pants.

It’s not possible to go back to the same amount of consumption as before. This crisis has taught us to be responsible to the community, and that will probably manifest itself in the way we consume fashion as well. The crisis has forced us to RETHINK the supply chain, the way products come to us, and consider the people we are putting at risk.

Helena Lee



Writer & Fashion Journalist, Ruby Veridiano wearing our Donavan Tank.

To me, KINDNESS extends to our consideration for others. By ensuring that we take the proper precautions - like wearing masks, socially distancing - we are keeping each other safe whilst looking out for one another. Be KIND and gentle to yourself. Say yes to the nap and to the good book! Enjoy the simple pleasure of doing nothing and the mindful practice of savoring everyday moments.

Let this time fill you with new and healthy habits that allow you to restore yourself, as you build your new normal.  And, whilst you’re at it, let’s also restore the Earth and use this time to find new habits to practice sustainability and KINDNESS for our planet.

- Ruby Veridiano 


Sustainable Fashion Stylist, Alex Van Os.

COVID has reminded us to be KIND. To be able to self-isolate, stay safe and healthy and be in lockdown comfortably with our necessities is a privilege. I hope the silver lining of COVID is that it has brought people down to earth and made us realise what is most important; being KIND, nurturing relationships, caring for others and our planet and living in the moment.

Alex Van Os


Director, Sheryl Bolden wearing her customised upcycled top.

This period has made me slow down and appreciate the mundane; stopping me from hurtling through life trying to move on to the next ‘whatever’, without enjoying the now. I’ve lived in Hong Kong for 10 years and not once in that time have my friends and I got together online.

Through COVID, I’ve stayed connected online and had interactions, parties, quizzes, and general catch-ups, which has been life-changing. This digital connectivity has been a whole new level of support.

-  Sheryl Bolden


Fashion Tech Journalist, Natalie Salmon wearing our Ryde Pants.

Staying connected during COVID reminds us to celebrate digital and social networks so that even though physical boundaries may lie between us, we can still stay connected at home. In this post-COVID world, where many of us are in isolation or feeling disconnected, this campaign has shown us that even though we are physically apart, we are together at heart.

Natalie Salmon 


Feel inspired? Need to have your spirits lifted? If you want to be involved, we are giving away two sets of iron-on patches - one for you and one for your friend - over on our Instagram. Two lucky winners will be announced on June 10 so head on over to our Instagram giveaway post for more details on how you can win.

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