Big on courage. Low on climate.

Drum roll, please! Putting behind us recent global events, we are delighted to launch Denim Reimagined onto the global fashion stage. Our nine-piece upcycled denim capsule, designed by award-winning designer Jesse Lee and made using upcycled Levi’s® aged inventory and irregular and leftover samples, represents a huge industry collaborative effort to bring about a collection that reduces clothing’s climate impact and cleans up consumers’ care habits.

Dore Dress (left), Fal Jacket, and Herne Jeans (right) for our Denim Reimagined collection supported by Levi’s®.  

Not soon after winning The Redress Design Award sustainable fashion design competition, designer Jesse Lee joined our collective and together we went back to the drawing board to reimagine a collection that would tackle denim’s biggest climate impact - how consumers care for their denim at home and the denim fabric production stage. Go behind the scenes of Jesse's Design Journey here

What we created is a collection that shouts loudly about the power of consumers, collaboration, and connection to drive reductions in fashion’s climate impact. Denim Reimagined also serves to launch our #WearAndCare campaign, which engages consumers, who generate 37% of jean’s climate impact, about how to better care for their clothes to reduce climate impact.

The Making of Denim Reimagined.

Our #WearAndCare campaign will roll through closets, laundry rooms, and sewing kits over the next few weeks as we inspire you to, stylishly, of course, prolong any of your garments’ life - all in the name of saving the planet!  Together, can fight a clean fight to reduce apparel's climate impact. 

Denim Reimagined is also about collaboration. They say “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” That is why our breakthrough collection takes us far, as we worked closely with global apparel industry innovators, LS&Co., through its Collaboratory fellowship program, Crystal Group InternationalAvery DennisonEVRYTHNGElectrolux and environmental charity Redress.

Denim Reimagined’s product labels can be scanned using the unique QR code to learn more about the clothing item.

Finally, Denim Reimagined is about connection. In this post-COVID world, where many of us are in isolation or feeling disconnected, Denim Reimagined serves to celebrate fashion’s ability to unite us. Every Denim Reimagined garment has a unique QR code - quite literally every garment has its own born identity - so that we can interact and inspire you about how to care for your clothes in a sustainable, climate-friendly way - even during a time of social distancing. 

We are also hosting multiple Instagram streaming virtual workshops with fashion influencers, who will take us into their homes as they share their own #WearAndCare tricks to help us all prolong our clothing’s lifespan, and virtual opportunities to meet designer Jesse Lee as, like us, we gear to launch one the boldest collections in our time.

Let’s put surplus and sustainable denim back onto butts, globally! 

Port Jumpsuit (left), Saltburn Skirt (right) for our Denim Reimagined collection supported by Levi’s®.

Explore our Denim Reimagined collection and book your favorite picks. Due to the nature of upcycling, only a limited number of products were created. So once they are gone - they are gone!

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