Meet the formidable, and fast, women driving change

It’s not everyday that a British/Grenadian/Jamaican Olympic track and field champion, a Sri Lankan/Swedish showjumper and a Chinese/British entrepreneur get behind the wheel on a mission - to drive positive change. But this is what happened when Perri Shakes, Mathilda Karlsson and Mia S Lei whisked off during the Cash&Rocket 2022 Sustainable Tour, formed of a community of women raising money and awareness for charities supporting women and children.

Wearing an exclusive rescued and reused capsule that we created for the tour, and donning smiles and their trademark fashion flair, here they cut to the chase about the big things that matter.

Perri Shakes  

Perri Shakes has won more gold medals - including an Olympic gold - then you’ve had hot dinners. It may have been a knee injury that finally stopped this formidable woman from getting over the finishing line that put an end to her winning streak, but that didn’t stop this inspiring personality, whose smile will stop you in your tracks, from breaking the norm.

You’re a mother and an avid supporter of women for women. What does raising funds via the Cash & Rocket Sustainable Tour for children’s educational charities in Africa mean to you?

I think education is important, as it shapes and forms our world and everyone should have access to it. Therefore raising the money to help support children in this way is incredible and no doubt valuable.

Your knee injury must have changed your athletic career course. What advice do you have for women reinventing themselves, personally and professionally?

Do it for yourself and do whatever makes you happy.

How do you describe your style?

Versatile one day I’ll be in sweat doing comfy cool, the next you can find me in heels looking glam like I’m on a runway. I just love dressing up and trying new looks.

Mia S Lei 

Mia S Lei is the no nonsense type of entrepreneur who is willing to smash stereotypes and challenge herself, and others, into positions and places that most would shy away from. It was her fear of horses that drove her to start her luxury equestrian and sportswear brand, MIASUKI, and her feelings of being an outsider that shaped much of her personal drive.

She’s a woman on a mission - she’s also on the board of Redress and Cash & Rocket and is an advisor to The R Collective - and so one has to run to keep up with her, if you can catch her, that is. 

What does taking part in the Cash & Rocket 2022 Sustainable Tour mean to you?

Cash & Rocket has a very special place in my heart. The 2022 Sustainable Tour is the first major thing I have done since I got sick two years ago. The world used to be my oyster until it shattered apart, and my comfort zone was reduced to the size of my palm. So I took the 2022 Tour as a challenge and way to expand my comfort zone.

How does fear drive you? Should fear be a friend or foe?

I have been haunted and paralysed by fear for as long as I can remember. The only way is to embrace and confront it head on. Bring it! 


You’ve thought of yourself as an outsider. What does this mean and how has it propelled you?

It means… I don’t belong! And need not conform! It can be a struggle at times, not knowing where is my place, but other times, I think, I make my own rules!

How do you describe your style?

East meets West eclectic.
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