Our People

We care about the people who make our clothes. There are between 60-75 million workers making our clothes and shoes1 - 80% of whom are women2 - with families to feed and dreams of their own. We like to honour these unsung heroes, who are dotted around countless factories around the world. (China has 100,000 garment manufacturers alone!)

We build long-lasting partnerships with our manufacturers with the collective mission to make fashion a force for good. We ensure our manufacturing partners create a safe, healthy work environment inside the factories who are committed to people and planet as their guiding principles.


We want to provide fair and equal pay to the people who make our clothes. Every worker in our supply chain is paid a fair living wage in accordance with all applicable laws. Workers earn income to afford a decent standard of living, to cover food, housing, healthcare and education. Staff can send their children to school, provide for their family and plan for the future. Read our Workers’ Stories to learn more.


We believe in treating all employees with respect and dignity, preventing any form of harassment or abuse in the workplace. Each of our manufacturers prohibits child labour and forced labour. People are employed based on their ability and not on personal characteristics or beliefs. Our manufacturing partners take pride in nurturing the skills of every employee, providing training and the infrastructure to support their growth.

Safe and healthy work environment

A healthy and productive work environment is of the utmost importance to ensure the health and safety of all of the workers who meticulously cut, sew and make our clothes. We closely monitor the working conditions of our manufacturing partners and regularly visit the factories where our clothes are made, in Thailand’s Bangkok, China’s Zhongshan and in our home city Hong Kong.

Meet Our Manufacturers
1 Clean Clothes Campaign 2 Clean Clothes Campaign

R Collective Impact

We donate 25% of our profits to Redress, reducing waste and driving sustainability in the fashion industry.

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