Our Partners
We actively work in a collaborative spirit with our community
There are between 75 million workers* making the world’s clothes and shoes - 80% of them are women* - with families to feed and dreams of their own.
We care about the people who make our clothes, so we only work with manufacturers who can guarantee to us the safety and wellbeing of all of the workers involved throughout our supply chain.
We ensure our manufacturing partners are committed to people and the planet as their guiding principles.
Our Code of Conduct stipulates that we must create a healthy work environment inside the factories and pay fair wages.
We build long-lasting partnerships with our manufacturers, with the collective mission to make fashion a force for good.
Meet our primary manufacturer, TAL Apparel
  • Committed to minimising their environmental impact

    TAL Apparel is an award-winning, world leading menswear and womenswear garment manufacturer wholeheartedly committed to minimising their environmental impact while positively contributing to the communities in which they operate. They support us as our primary manufacturer and also with our 'Made-on-Demand' production for Refashioned.

    We work directly with TAL Apparel’s Made-to-Measure department based in Thailand, a small team of passionate and skilled workers that embrace our journey to design out waste by upcycling and innovative pattern cutting.

    Each piece involves numerous talents, from pattern maker Ms Lampoon, pattern cutter Ms Ramjan, seamstress Ms Sunisa and final quality checking by Mr Kansak. The dedicated team pays special attention to detail ensuring quality standards are met before they are labelled and shipped.
  • TAL goes above and beyond local laws and external codes to create a proactive culture of accountability and responsibility by formulating long term systems that enhance both the social and environmental aspects of the workplace. As a global manufacturing group with 22,000+ employees in 6 countries with 20% of its workforce based in Thailand, they abide by their Ethical Business Practises Policy (EBP). Each of their social policies adheres to our own ‘Fair Fashion’ principles, providing a fair living wage and safe working environment.

    Workers are given competitive wages and benefits and nurtured with training and opportunity for growth. To ensure a healthy and safe environment, TAL Apparel scrutinizes all chemicals used in their processes, striving to avoid any potentially harmful ones and work closely with suppliers to ensure compliance. All chemicals used in their finishing processes comply with current industry standards including AAFA, RSL and REACH.

    Read TAL Apparel’s workers’ stories.
Meet our Hong Kong manufacturer, Splendid Tailors
  • Supporting our local community and people

    Splendid is a social enterprise with a small garment factory in Hong Kong that is run by charity, Lok Kwan Social Service. Supported by a community of tailors with years’ of garment making experience, they promote diverse local employment for people in the community who have employment and living needs, including new arrivals and young people who have just left school.

    As a traditionally run garment factory led by women, it has the charm and expertise of an atelier with an emphasis on craftsmanship. The Splendid team promotes the usage of traditional techniques creating paper patterns and mock ups by hand.

    We produce small, limited batches on selected styles with Splendid. Conveniently located in our home city, we’re able to support local production and make regular visits to the factory for design development meetings, testing garment drape and fittings. In this collaborative process, pattern cutter and seamstress Sandy Ng oversees the complete production approving every final stitch of our garments.
  • Splendid was founded with the mission to empower the local community and currently employs a diverse group of skilled local artisans and craftspeople ranging from young people through to retired seamstresses.

    They offer flexible work in a warm and safe environment for their workers, creating a 'home-from-home", our designers say. Often seen making for local independent designers, they provide sewing skills training to young people, promoting artisanal local craft.
Meet Crystal International Group
  • World leader in the apparel manufacturing industry

    Crystal International Group Limited (CIGL) is a global leader in the apparel manufacturing industry, recognised for their significant social and environmental contributions and innovations. They were ranked 17 out of 50 in the 'Change the World' list by Fortune Business Magazine in 2016 and also received the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE).
  • Our collection Denim Reimagined was produced by an eco model denim manufacturer, under CIGL, which has implemented many sustainability initiatives over the past 10 years, with significant savings of energy, carbon footprint, water and chemicals, according to the Group’s Five-Year Sustainability Targets.
We ensure the highest quality materials
Our rescued waste fabrics come from trusted fashion brands, mills and manufacturers. In order to ensure the quality and provenance of all the fabrics we work with, they are pre-checked alongside the corresponding test certificates from their previous owners, before we receive them.
We are the first fashion brand globally to use SGS’s newly-launched ‘Upcycling Verification Program’.
We are the first fashion brand globally to use SGS’s newly-launched ‘Upcycling Verification Program’.
We work with SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, to seek their independent, third-party verification and help us to deliver our best-practice sourcing.
The program demonstrates traceability and transparency in the supply chain to verify our waste materials. SGS conducts further physical and chemical testing on incoming fabrics to further verify the safety and durability of our upcycled materials.
For more information, see here.
We work with world-leading packaging solutions providers to rethink waste right down to our bags and labels.
We believe that we must address the world’s catastrophic addiction to single-use plastic. The 300 million tonnes of plastic waste produced every year is nearly equivalent to the weight of the entire human population*. We are constantly looking into ways to reduce pollution created by the fashion industry.
Avery Dennison
Avery Dennison
Through our partnership with Avery Dennison, the global leader in physical and digital labeling solutions, we are innovating new ways to deliver our branding and core values through sustainable labelling materials. These include woven brand labels produced from recycled yarns, zero-waste water-soluble hangtags and innovative digital solutions to communicate our care campaigns.
By cutting out plastics and virgin materials, we are helping drive down packaging pollution one tag at a time.
Hydroplast, biodegradable bags
In partnership with Hydroplast, we use their environmentally friendly, water-soluble packaging to ensure our garments reach you safely- while keeping the earth safe, too. Our bags are 100% safe for humans, animals and the environment and are EN13432* certified, meaning the product is biodegradable according to European standards. That means you can dispose of them in the compost, general recycling, or simply in the trash. Best of all, you can even dispose of our bags instantly just by placing them in hot water!
In this way we avoid the need for non-biodegradable, conventional plastic bags, which break down into microplastics that are harmful to the environment and wildlife. Help us tackle single-use plastics together, every time you shop with us.
We work with forward-thinking brands and manufacturing partners to co-solve their material excess to benefit people and the planet - and to make the circular economy come to life.
Most businesses routinely end up with excess materials that are generated through their regular operations that, for a host of routine reasons, become unwanted for their larger scale production. Through our collaborative long-term and ad-hoc partnerships, we create solutions for IP and non IP sensitive excess materials, which enables us to donate some business profits to charity Redress to support further the development of a more sustainable fashion industry.
We’re pleased to share our partnerships with various leading quality suppliers, including:
  • High Fashion International Group
  • New Times Group
  • TAL Apparel
  • Tungtex International Ltd.
  • UPW
We’re also looking forward to sharing our brand partnerships with some of the world’s top luxury brands soon.
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