Our Partners

We believe in the power of collaboration to create change. As a small social impact business combating a huge problem, we actively engage in a collaborative spirit with our community of partners, from working with big manufacturers in completely new ways to empowering small social enterprises to stimulating local craftsmanship.


We care about the people who make our clothes and are passionate about ensuring they are well looked after. There are between 60-75 million workers making our clothes and shoes1 - 80% of whom are women2 - with families to feed and dreams of their own. We like to honour these unsung heroes, who are dotted around countless factories around the world. (China has 100,000 garment manufacturers alone!) We partner with blue chip manufacturers, who we consider as our friends, who have exemplary working conditions.



TAL Apparel is an award-winning, world leading menswear and womenswear garment manufacturer wholeheartedly committed to minimising their environmental impact while positively contributing to the communities in which they operate. They are dedicated innovators who like to think of science as an art form. They support us as our primary manufacturer.


Splendid is a social enterprise with a small garment factory in Hong Kong that is run by charity, Lok Kwan Social Service. Supported by a community of tailors with years’ of garment making experience, they promote diverse local employment for people in the local community who have employment and living needs, including new arrivals and young people who have just left school.


1 Clean Clothes Campaign. 2 Clean Clothes Campaign.

R Collective Impact

We donate 25% of our profits to Redress, reducing waste and driving sustainability in the fashion industry.

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