The R Collective (HK) Limited is an upcycled fashion brand that rescues premium and luxury brands, mills and manufacturers’ ‘waste’ / excess materials in order to reduce waste and to keep materials in use for longer within the fashion system.

The R Collective’s sourcing guidelines:

● ‘Waste’: is defined as materials that are unwanted by their present owner.

● Types of ‘waste’ used: We upcycle most types of fabrics and materials that are suitable for apparel, including and not limited to (pre-consumer/ deadstock) fabrics, trims and metalware. We use natural and man-made fibres. We do not upcycle real fur, any exotic skins or any species listed in CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

● Traceability and transparency of our ‘waste’: We preferentially source excess materials from premium and luxury brands, mills and manufacturers and we always ensure full visibility of knowing which company owns our incoming fabrics. We preferentially source fabrics and materials from companies that have sustainability, sourcing guidelines and ethical codes of conduct in place. We track our incoming fabrics by incoming company, alongside a minimum amount of information that includes; country of origin, fibre content, total yardage, age. We do not acquire or buy ‘waste’ from jobbers, or textile traders, as there is little to no traceability, transparency and chemical safety for these fabrics.

● Fabric source disclosure: We are under Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) with our fabric ‘waste’ partners, which prevents us from publicly disclosing the exact source of our fabrics. Until such time that our waste partners are willing to be publicly-disclosed, we are required to keep our source of fabrics confidential from the public and media. However, we maintain good levels of fabric sourcing information, and are able, on an ad-hoc basis, to share certain information with our private stakeholders about our fabric sourcing, as may be required.

● Fabric assurance: We preferentially source fabrics from companies who have third party testing, audit and compliance for their fabrics. To further ensure our own fabric safety and quality, we partner with world-leading testing and verification company, SGS, who strategically retest our proposed fabrics for chemicals of concern and physical properties. In certain cases and where required, we are able to further test our fabrics to provide further confidence for our key stakeholders, where timing and resources allow.

● Animal derived materials and animal welfare: We only upcycle wool and leather materials from luxury and premium companies that have a strong commitment to sustainability. Wherever possible, we preferentially source animal-derived materials from companies that have suitable animal welfare codes of conduct in place. We do not upcycle real fur, exotic skins or any species listed in CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

The R Collective’s manufacturing code of conduct:

We have built solid partnerships with our manufacturers who are specifically chosen for their commitment to sustainability and who hold themselves accountable to a way of doing business that is aligned with our brand values. Our manufacturers go above and beyond local laws and external codes of conduct to create a proactive culture of accountability and responsibility so that we formulate long-term systems to enhance the social and environmental aspects of the workplace.

● Fair wages: We want to provide fair and equal pay to the people who make our products. Every worker in our supply chain is paid a fair living wage in accordance with applicable laws. Workers earn an income to afford a decent standard of living, to cover food, housing, healthcare and education and workers can send their children to school, provide for their family and plan for the future.

● Empowerment: We believe in treating all employees with respect and dignity, preventing any form of harassment or abuse in the workplace. Each of our manufacturers prohibits child labour and forced labour. People are employed based on their ability and not on personal characteristics or beliefs. Our manufacturing partners take pride in nurturing the skills of every employee, providing training and the infrastructure to support their growth.

● Safe and healthy work environment: A healthy and productive work environment is of the utmost importance to ensure the health and safety of all of the workers. We monitor the working conditions of our manufacturing partners and we visit our factories quarterly in Thailand’s Bangkok (TAL Apparel), China’s Zhongshan (Crystal Group) and in our home city of Hong Kong (Splendid Tailors).

● Modern Slavery: The R Collective considers any form of slavery or human trafficking to be abhorrent and we are committed to acting with integrity and appropriate transparency in our business dealings to safeguard against the risk of slavery or human trafficking.