The R Collective partners with Avery Dennison to promote #PatchedTogether and #TogetherAD, a mix and 'patch' proposition to demonstrate our collective mission to STAY SAFE, STAY NICE, STAY POSITIVE.

Slap a patch on your sleeve, your heart, your butt cheek and show the world that we are stronger than ever, patched together!

We asked our R Collective friends to tell us why they are getting behind the mixing and patching with The R Collective and Avery Dennison, and what their top isolation tips are.

Denise Ho, Creative Director of The R Collective, wearing our Ithaca Jacket

The #PatchedTogether message is a positive community bond in an isolated world. Plus I love a patch. I'm a real sucker for DIY projects!

My favourite patch? I love the ‘HERO’ patch. I feel that we don't use that word often enough and I’m going to stick in on my fave jacket. It looks very cool. 

In this time of social isolation, it's important that we do things that are positive and inspire people right. My top isolation tips? Exercise often. Eat well. And do ONE thing differently every day.

- Denise 


Gloria Yu, Sustainable Advocate, wearing our Islington Dress.

We could all do with some positivity in our lives right now, and what better way to do that than to support #patchedtogether #togetherAD and celebrate the heroes in our community.

The HERO patch opens up a conversation about ‘who’s your hero?’ These days, obviously it’s all the medical staff fighting on the front lines who are putting others’ needs before their own. We need to celebrate these true heroes and respect their altruism. 

It also has a simple strong message - to support those in our community who are being the heroes we need.

My top isolation tips? YouTube workouts. FaceTime calls with friends for long-due catch-ups. Cooking!

- Gloria


Lilian Liu, Sustainability Strategist at Futerra, wearing our Gisborne Jacket

I’m getting involved in #patchedtogether #togetherAD because of the importance of togetherness. It’ll be much easier to get through this difficult time if we stay connected, stay optimistic and show compassion.

My favorite patch is Be safe. Be kind. It is a powerful reminder about extending kindness to others. This is a time where we put the safety of our families first. However, it’s not a time to forget to show solidarity and kindness to others as well - a lot of people need it now more than ever.

My other favourite is the pizza patch, because, well, because it’s pizza!

Most of the information we are receiving these days triggers anxiety! #patchedtogether will brighten our days and make us all feel more connected. It’s a simple action we can all take to show that we care.

My top isolation tips? Devote some time to re-organizing your home space at home to suit your new needs. If possible, create one space dedicated to work and one to relax.

Ground your isolation routine in the community - exercising with friends on Zoom 3 days a week has seriously helped me stay sane (and get up in the morning). Practice gratitude. In my house, we religiously share 3 things we are grateful for to round-off each day. It helps to remember all the good things in our lives!

- Lilian


Norbyah, Sustainable Advocate, wearing an upcycled jacket by The R Collective. 

At a time where 'social distancing' and 'self isolation' are terms that we're getting used to, it's important to remember to connect. The message #patchedtogether #togetherAD helps to remind us that we are in this together, and we are, in fact, stronger. Although at times it feels weird and our future feels uncertain, it's comforting to know that we can connect virtually in meaningful ways.

I love color, prints and patterns so the colorful patches speak to me the most. But I ended up gravitating towards the black and white designs. I love the simple black patch with stitching that reads BE NICE because it's a timeless message that transcends this moment in time. I hope that when we begin to see the end of quarantined life, one of the lasting takeaways will be to remember that we were nice when times were hard, and that we can continue to be so when life is back to normal. I also really like the patch that reads "Stay strong. We are in this together." It reminds me of the importance of community at a time like this.

I think that my followers will appreciate the messages. The patch with the globe graphic and the message of togetherness speaks to the connection we have found in each other during this time. There has been so much organic connecting with others, to share our creativity and inspire each other. That has really helped to sustain us in a time where we can't be social or hang out.

My top isolation tips?

Take time to get dressed. It does wonders for your spirit to put on an outfit that makes you feel good. It also helps motivate you to be productive, even if it's just laundry.

Connect with people. Set up Zoom dates with friends, FaceTime your family who are far away, play games as a family at home. Frustrating as it can feel to have to simultaneously homeschool your own children, work from home and keep your house running, when even grocery shopping is a challenge, you will never regret the time you've spent together.

Try to balance the negativity with positivity. Positive energy, positive news, shows that make you laugh. I'm usually an optimistic person, but this time has challenged even me. Take a break from the news and remember to appreciate the small things. The birds singing each morning, a cool breeze, the smell of coffee.



Alex Van Os, Sustainable Fashion Stylist.

It’s so important to spread the #patchedtogether #togetherAD message of solidarity and positivity to remind yourself and others that we are not alone. Fashion is a powerful tool for positive change, inclusivity and to spread love and happiness, all while supporting a sustainable and ethical brand like The R Collective. 

My favourite patch is Be Safe, Be Kind. This new lifestyle that we need to adapt to, in order that we stay safe, causes stress, anxiety and fear, amongst many other emotions. Therefore we must be kind and empathetic towards ourselves and others. Being kind makes others smile, and smiling induces positivity.  Let’s spread love and happiness with our patches, all while supporting a progressive and conscious brand and movement. 

My top isolation tips?

Stay positive and strong by remembering we are all in this together. Have a shower and consciously get dressed every morning. It will make you feel ready for a new day. Stay busy. Write a list of all the things you’ve been wanting or needing to do for a long time and work on a task every day.

Alex Van Os



Over the next few weeks, you’ll see the power of #PatchedTogether

When you wear a patch, you tell the world how you feel. You express yourself and your values. During a time when the world feels bleak, and we are separated by physical distance, by wearing a patch we show that we are in this together. 

If you want to be involved, we have a limited amount of patches to share so please contact to patch in with us.  

Spread the word, one patch at a time.

#PatchedTogether #togetherAD by Avery Dennison 

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