Our Enlightened Uniform Ambassadors

Discover how our community of inspiring women are dressing during the pandemic and beyond whilst keeping their innate style and purpose intact.

Susan Rockefeller 

Susan Rockefeller wearing our upcycled Enlightened Uniform in the colour Charcoal Melange 

"Fashion as we know today is an extremely wasteful industry and the reality of the pandemic fuelled my desire and passion to create a uniform we can feel protected in and at the same time be at ease knowing that it’s been ethically made." 

Susan Rockefeller, Conservationist, Artist and Activist,


Julie Gilhart

 Julie Gilhart wearing our upcycled Enlightened Uniform in the colour Dark Navy

"One of the silver lining of the pandemic is that it has taught us how much we need our planet. I love the upcycled jumpsuit. The first time I tried it on and I did not want to take it off - that is a great sign of something that you will wear forever.

To me, it is something that you can take wherever you travel or when you are out and about - it can be casual, it can be dressy, I’m so comfortable I can sleep in this. I feel very positive about the future of fashion."

 Julie Gilhart, Chief Development Officer of Tomorrow
& President of Tomorrow Projects 

Annabel Schulz

Annabel Schulz, wearing our upcycled Enlightened Uniform in the colour Charcoal Melange  

"After being in quarantine, I now realize how few pieces of clothing I need to have a fully functioning wardrobe. This jumpsuit will become a staple of my new refined closet, and it's perfect because I can dress it up or dress it down, all while feeling confident and comfortable.

I love the built-in optional mask that comes with the jumpsuit. When I'm wearing the jumpsuit on the go, the mask gives me one less thing to remember before I leave the house!"

Annabel Schulz, Creative Content and Sustainability Influencer


Riddhima Yadav

Riddhima Yadav wearing our upcycled Enlightened Uniform in the colour Charcoal Melange 

"I’ve been focused on sustainability for as long as I can remember. Fashion for me is all about comfort, being yourself and creating positive impact - and this upcycled jumpsuit does that and much more."

Riddhima Yadav, Sustainability Strategist

Felicia Garcia-Rivera

Felicia Garcia-Rivera wearing our upcycled Enlightened Uniform in the colour Dark Navy.

“Fashion mirrors our world. We’re witnessing seismic change to fashion’s rulebook. What worked before doesn’t anymore. Fashion must now not only inspire and enrich our lives, but it must not detract or pollute either. Working with these powerful, sustainability-aware women is a big reminder of how fashion can be a force for good.”

Felicia Garcia-Rivera, Stylist  

Summer Yanyi Li

 Summer Yanyi Li wearing our upcycled Enlightened Uniform in the colour Heather Grey

"The pandemic has altered many things, including my fashion sense. Fashion reflects the environment we live in and as a result, my style too has been reinvented. I now prioritise comfort and functionality over anything else which is why I absolutely love this jumpsuit.It’s very comfortable, breathable, very luxurious and I feel so cool wearing it!"

Summer / Yanyi Li, Entrepreneur and Global Marketing Strategist


Paola Antonelli

Paola Antonelli wearing our upcycled Enlightened Uniform in the colour Dark Navy

"There is an overwhelming feeling of respect and solidarity in the air now and people are working together to make positive change happen. The big question now is, how can we all adapt and make radical changes in our life? It’s about making the best of what we have at our disposal, and anticipating and adapting to new behaviors."

Paola Antonelli, Design Curator


Lilian Liu

Lilian Liu wearing our upcycled Enlightened Uniform in the colour Dark Navy

"Today, I prefer to dress a lot more conveniently and comfortably so that's the first thing I fell in love with about this jumpsuit. I feel like at this time it’s nice to be able to have your own cocoon that you can easily move around in while also feeling quite protected - the mask with the hood is a nice touch!"

Lilian Liu, Sustainability Strategist


Thania Peck

Thania Peck wearing our upcycled Enlightened Uniform in the colour Heather Grey

"The pandemic has shifted my perspective on fashion. I realise that humanity needs to slow down and not take our resources for granted. I love this upcycled jumpsuit and how luxurious and comfortable it is. It’s also a huge plus that it was created keeping people and planet in mind - such is a beautiful thing."

Thania Peck, Fashion/beauty content creator and change maker


Kara Ross

Kara Ross wearing our upcycled Enlightened Uniform in the colour Heather Grey

"Today, everyone is gravitating towards investing in something that is comfortable and I’ve been doing the same this past year. I’m glad to have found this jumpsuit that is not only comfortable but quite stylish as well. Shooting for this launch has been exciting, I can honestly say this is the first day I’ve put on heels in quite a while - so it’s been fun!"

Kara Ross, Designer and Serial Entrepreneur


Avery McCann

Avery McCann wearing our upcycled Enlightened Uniform in the colour Dark Navy

"This pandemic has shifted my perspective. I’ve been able to have more time to see things in a different way. I’ve been able to finally take some time out for myself and be inventive which is wonderful. These past few months for me have been all about comfort, quite honestly I’m usually in sweatpants, so this jumpsuit is a huge and very welcomed upgrade."

Avery McCann Filmmaker

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