Meet The Designer, Victor Chu

Meet R Designer Victor Chu, Hong Kong’s beau and the master behind one of our latest reinventions of our bestsellers, who’s been one of R Designers since our inception. His ‘cool as a cucumber’ approach to tackling waste challenges - believe us there are many - and his charming design palette puts Victor on a design pedestal. 

Victor Chu, R Designer during a brainstorming design session

Q: Tell us about your approach to designing for The R Collective. 

I’ve collaborated with The R Collective for a few years. For my recent works, we decided to reinvent some of our previous hero designs and to re-interpret their classic silhouettes to match the timeless style of today’s fast-living, fashion-loving women. I know women want comfortable clothes that work for their busy lives and so I worked hard to ensure that our designs could just as easily slip onto the dancefloor as run for the bus.

Q: Tell us about the waste used.

My pieces make use of high-quality textile waste rescued from luxury brands, like silk, wool, tencel and cashmere-blend. The R Collective has strong collaborations with global luxury brands. Although we’d love to #End Fashion Waste, the reality is that excess materials are constantly generated by the fashion industry. I love creating low impact fashion, using waste, as this lets us be creative and conscious at the same time.  

Q: For your pieces, you worked with a Hong Kong social enterprise, tell us more.

Yes, in keeping with our mission to prove that fashion can be a force for good, we worked with a social enterprise called Splendid, which is a traditional garment run factory led by women with a great charm and expertise of atelier craftsmanship. 

Q: You’re launching in Haustage. Tell us more. 

I’m excited about the chance to dress Hong Kongers and I’m pleased to see Haustage expand into its new retail space, so that together we can attract and inspire more people. Hong Kongers are switched on and stylish and  so I can’t wait to see my sustainable and ethical pieces being worn around town!

Q: How did the Redress Design Award sustainable fashion design competition influence you?

I was in the 2015 cycle of the sustainable design competition cycle, which feels like a long time ago now. I’ve always had a strong ambition to create a positive mark on fashion and through being connected with so many global sustainable designers, some of whom are now also part of The R Collective, I’ve had the opportunity to ‘grow up’ with like-minded individuals, who have kept me on track and on task! 

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