Meet our latest R Woman, Maria Kastani

Meet our latest R Woman, Maria Kastani, the formidable fashion entrepreneur whose wardrobe is as opinionated as what tumbles out from her trademark red lips! Straight talking and punchy in all the right places, her infectious fashion flare is all about transforming wardrobes into mindful creative spaces. We could all do with a slice of Maria. Here she styles two of our most coveted pieces...

Maria dons the Hove Coat (Photography Credits: Hoda Davaine)


So, the Hove Coat... What’s to love here? 

I love this Hove Coat because it is very versatile. 

The ability to style a garment in multiple ways is essential to me since it gives me more freedom to experiment. You can wear the Hove Coat with or without the belt and you can wear it throughout the year with the right layering techniques. For the colder months, I can layer it with something heavier on top, or even underneath, with a wonderful cashmere cardigan and feel quite warm and cosy. This makes it more 'Maria'!

Overall, I love the classic cut with a bit of a flare. It is definitely a piece that can stay in my wardrobe for a very - very! - long time. 

Maria wears the Victoria Dress (Photography Credits: Hoda Davaine)

What’s to love about the Victoria Dress? 

I’m someone who stays away from darker colours. Yet I immediately fell in love with the cut of the Victoria Dress. The draping at the front complements the different shapes and sizes beautifully, and the construction and cut of the Victoria Dress is fabulous. These are all very nice features to have! 

I decided to pair this with a bright red jacket. I love colour! I think a fun way to style this dress is to play around with the sizing! So you can wear this piece in a larger size for a more ‘cool girl’ look. 

Overall, it’s a very feminine dress that is quite a blank canvas for your own attitude.


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