Meet Fashion Director Justine Lee

Born and raised in California, stylist and writer Justine Lee is a graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York. She worked for Barneys, Harper’s Bazaar and Lane Crawford before moving to Hong Kong to become style director of Tatler in 2014.

How did your love of fashion develop? 
I don’t really remember, but I guess it started when I was really young. I always liked to flip through magazines, notice what people were wearing, seeing what were in shops etc. When I applied to college, I came across the Design and Management program at Parsons in New York, and that’s what really led me down the path of fashion as a career.

What made you become more interested in sustainable fashion? 
It was really brought to my attention when I was in college. Parsons has a big focus on sustainable fashion and design.

What lifestyle and fashion changes have you made on a personal level to become more sustainable? 
I’m very careful with my purchases and I tend to buy less. I make sure things I buy will last me a while, and aren’t fast-fashion pieces that I will want to throw away after a few wears. I also sell clothes, shoes and accessories that I don’t use anymore on my friend Sarah Fung’s platform, The Hula. I also shop there regularly too.

Justine Lee wears The R Collective upcycled denim jacket

Justine wears the UPCYCLED DENIM BIKER JACKET || Photo credit: Carina Fischer

What do you think all fashion lovers should do to inject more personality into their closet? 
They should buy what the love! Shop vintage- buy one off pieces that no one else will have.

Is fashion an investment for you? 
Yes, it’s important to buy things you know you will wear season after season and year after year, not just buying the trendy things or the 'it' item of the season (unless it really speaks to you).

How can others get the most out of their closet? 
Buy carefully.

What suggestions do you have for how people can get involved, which online resources to use, who to follow on social media, books to read to help take steps towards a more sustainable way of life? 
The R Collective! Redress! Reformation is also a sustainable fashion brand that’s from Los Angeles that I really like. And also, Stella McCartney. 

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