Meet #EndFashionWaste Ambassadors

We want to #EndFashionWaste. And we can only do this together.

That's why we launched our #EndFashionWaste campaign, fronted by friends around the world who are united in making their mark on waste.

Meet our formidable ambassadors as they share their top tips to #EndFashionWaste with our community while sporting our just launched rescued organic cotton T-Shirt. We hope their wise words inspire you to take a step for change.

Patrick Duffy

The man behind the world's coolest clothing swapping revolution, who's top tip to #EndFashionWaste is:

Patrick Duffy wearing our #EndFashionWaste T-Shirt.  📸 Shot by Talia Goodwin.


Abby Gaskin

The award winning sustainable designer from the #redressdesignaward, who's top tip to #EndFashionWaste is:

Abby Gaskin wearing our #EndFashionWaste T-Shirt📸 Shot by Talia Goodwin.


Christina Dean

Our founder and waste nerd supreme!​​​​​​​, who's top tip to #EndFashionWaste is:

Christina Dean wearing our #EndFashionWaste T-Shirt 📸 Shot by Talia Goodwin.

Whichever way we do it, let's stamp waste out of fashion. Together!​​​​​​​
Join us #EndFashionWaste

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