Happy International Earth Day!

At The R Collective, we believe everyday is Earth Day, not just today, 22nd April.

That’s because, as a mission-driven social impact business, we’re working with guts and glory to see our vision - of a world without fashion’s waste - come to life.

Our belief is that by reducing fashion’s waste, we reduce fashion’s negative environmental impacts, protecting the planet and people as we go. That’s why we rescue, reuse and recycle unwanted fabrics to create responsible products with a conscience.  

We believe nature and fashion must coexist.

Actions speak louder than words. Here is how we at The R Collective live up to Earth Day every day:

Making our mission real. We drive responsibility in every step with our compass always set on ways to reduce fashion’s environmental impact. With millions of tonnes of fashion waste produced every year, we walk the walk. To date, we’ve rescued 238,000 yards of textile waste - and we’re not stopping for a moment.

Designing responsibly from the heart. We create beautiful responsible products using unwanted fabrics in collaborative design solutions with award-winning sustainable designers and our incredible suppliers. For us, design is a problem-solving exercise that engages our hearts and minds, and quite a lot of muscle too! 

Rescuing, Reusing & Recycling. We rescue quality fabrics from becoming waste. We rescue and recycle complex IP sensitive fabrics and garments, which are often unsuitable for reuse due to their distinctive prints, logos or patterns. Working in collaboration with our luxury brand partners, we provide solutions to the industry to accelerate circularity and reduce obsolete textiles. That's courage and conviction for you...

Working with a can-do attitude: We have a core team who combines extraordinary creativity, astonishing courage and remarkable conviction to stamp waste out of fashion. We truly champion our community of friends and fashion lovers globally who are united in seeing our kick-arse attitude for change come to life.

So let's celebrate International Earth Day - every day - as if the future of the planet depends on it. 


What Goes Around, Comes Around

We constantly bring new meaning to purposeful fashion through revolutionising waste into more responsible collections. Enter, RECIRCLE - our collection that exemplifies our ideology of responsible fashion!

Made by recycling - instead of incinerating - luxury IP-sensitive silk fabrics, RECIRCLE works hard to stamp out fashion’s waste and catalyse circularity. ​​​​​​​​

Available to shop now at The R Collective.

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