New Year, New Goals!  

Happy New Year! 

As most of us sit here happily stuffed full of far too much turkey, red wine and plenty of other lip-smackingly good festive foods (I definitely know that I am!), it's a perfect time to throw off those well-worn pyjamas, finally switch off Netflix and re-emerge for 2020!

I’m always grateful for any opportunity to reinvigorate my motivation to try a bit harder - from what I’m eating and drinking to what I’m wearing. In the last 10 days of December, I’ve definitely eaten and drank my Christmas quota. So now it feels like it’s the perfect time to end my hibernation, start afresh and renew my commitment to living a sustainable life again. I can’t wait to make January a month of new beginnings, and place sustainability not only at the center of my wardrobe, but at the heart of my 2020 lifestyle for another year.

What I especially love about this time of year (as well as spending plenty of time with family and friends at home), is the time I finally have to fix and repair some of my clothes. I love that we can all have a more sustainable wardrobe without shopping as well as avoiding the January sales madness, and instead restyle, swap and repair. I really enjoy watching a great film surrounded by my kids and picking up my needle and thread to fix a small tear or add a new button.

And yet it took me 12 years to work out, and accept, that many of us do love to shop - and that shopping for clothes is here to stay. But my vote is that we can shop and dress differently - which is why we started The R Collective. As we enter our third year here at The R Collective, we’re determined to continue our mission to create sustainable fashion and offer consumers an ethical and responsibly-produced wardrobe. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #12 Responsible Consumption and Production and #13 Climate Action continue to be at the heart of everything we do. 

We’re proud to share that to date we’ve rescued 65,500 yards of unwanted fabrics from luxury brands, mills and manufacturers, potentially reduced the creation of 34,100 kg of CO2e. Through a lot of hard work, and with your support, we have donated USD25,000 to charity Redress

So, if you do feel the urge to shop and update your look for the new year, try to avoid the January sales and do check out our sustainable staples and comfortable classics like the Victoria Dress, Cayce Jacket and the Bermondsey Pants. Let’s put away our festive pyjama set, switch off Netflix and make some life changes that transform the planet as well as our wardrobes. 

Let us know what your resolutions are and happy 2020! 

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