Temper Magazine, July 2019

The ethereal collection entitled "Rinse" comes to life through the use of upcycled rescued excess luxury fabrics, continuously transforming the way clothes are designed, as well as reducing the waste and pollution caused by fashion — by the heavy load. 

This seven-piece capsule collection takes its inspiration from the emotive narrative ingrained in every stitch of clothing through the wearer’s life and memories. True to designer Wen Pan’s signature style, this sustainable range, too, evokes the characteristics of femininity and roughness. A hint of delicacy juxtaposed by deconstruction, where imperfect raw fluidity meets rich textures.

Now sort those delicates and separate by color… Rescue, reuse and reimagine; it’s time to Rinse and spin!

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 Featured Products: Our Navy and Redwood Hoxton Tops from the 'RINSE' collection.

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