Ming Pao Weekly, Sep 2019


Christina Dean, interviewing for Ming Pao Weekly wearing our Upcycled Silk Brooks Top.

Many people think that fashion is catching up with the trend, but NGO Redress founder Christina Dean thinks that fashion is a mobile book that records history. Christina said: "Fashion is an art that reflects the flow of time." 

 Christina is committed to sustainable development. The R Collective's latest season's "Start from Zero" collection collects fabrics or remaining clothes from high-end fashion brands and reputable factories and manufacturers, redesigning into fourteen timeless garments, and classic cuts giving the fabric a new life. 

The brand also invites other sustainable designers from around the world to cooperate and donate 25% of the proceeds to NGO Redress, and to other institutions that protect the environment, so that this sustainable revolution becomes not alone, but another kind of blossoms. 

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 The Brooks Top from our 'Start From Zero' collection is made from upcycled wool. 

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