Liv Magazine, Oct 2019

Our Avalon Jumpsuit from the 'Avoidance' collection on the front cover of Liv Magazine

Utility clothing is a perennial favourite: easy to wear, almost universally flattering and cool without looking like you gave it too much thought. According to Christina Dean, founder of Redress, the environmental charity reducing fashion’s waste, and upcycled fashion brand, The R Collective, this season we’ll see this trend progress into more of a smart-casual uniform.

“Upcycled materials lend themselves well to this look because of the nature of rescuing quality fabrics from luxury brands - which means you tend to find interesting combinations of fabrics - can be created into timeless designs”. Dean suggests you either combo a utilitarian jacket with a relaxed oversized skirt, or go head-to-toe utility in a boiler suit or some overalls.

If your utility-inspired outfit feels too masculine try, pairing it with lighter fabrics, such as a silk shirt or simple cotton tank or your favorite accessories.


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Featured in the cover story: Upcycled Avalon Jumpsuit, Whistler Jacket and Welland Skirt

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