Green Queen, Aug 2020

Hong Kong-based upcycled fashion brand The R Collective has just launched its first-ever “made-on-demand” collection. Called Refashioned, the collection is made from rescued waste fabrics and customers can select their size, style and materials for their tailored garment. By only making pieces that are in demand, this business model further reduces waste by limiting excess inventory. 

The brand’s new collection that runs on a made-on-demand business model comes as the fashion industry faces increasing pressure to green its operations, particularly as the pandemic shifts consumer priorities and preferences towards sustainability. 

Refashioned will also be packaged sustainably using the solutions provided by Avery Dennison, from water-soluble hangtags and zero-waste product labelling made with recycled materials. 

In a previous interview with Green Queen, Dean, who is also the founder and chair of circular fashion charity Redress, spoke of the rise of e-commerce and digitalisation in the age of coronavirus, alluding to the digital features embedded into Refashioned’s made-on-demand model. 

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