10Magazine, Mar 2019

We have crowned 2019 the year of sustainability. Upcycling brand The R Collective has launched Australian fashion designer Tess Whitfort’s debut collection Avoidance. Whitfort won the Redress Design Award in Hong Kong aka the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition, resulting in this collection.

The collection was created with rescued textile waste and a zero-waste design technique. Boom. “There are many stereotypes around sustainable fashion and it is often portrayed as natural feminine and wholesome,” said Whitfort.

“Instead, I create grungy streetwear so that badasses can wear ethical clothing too. Environmental issues are going to affect us all, so sustainability can’t just be for people who love the environment, it can’t be a niche, it needs to be for everyone.” Ain’t that the truth.

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Our Avalon Jumpsuit from our Avoidance collection - Designed in collaboration with Australian designer Tess Whitfort


Our Preston Dress from our Avoidance collection - Designed in collaboration with Australian designer Tess Whitfort

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