Reimagine and Re-style

Meet Creative Directors, Kayla Wong, and Elaine Chen-Fernandez, as they give their take on styling and re-styling their Denim Reimagined products. 

Kayla WongFal Jacket

You can never go wrong by wearing a classic denim jacket. And if you're striving for a more dressed-up ensemble that works both for the office or an afternoon brunch date, then Kayla's outfit highlights fit the occasion perfectly.

Kayla Wong wearing our Fal Jacket from our Denim Reimagined collection. 

Elaine Chen-Fernandez, Vent Vest

No matter what the season, we always find ourselves clinging to a classic denim vest. Elaine's chilled and classy outfit combinations have been grabbing our attention as of late.

Elaine Chen-Fernandez wearing our Vent Vest from Denim Reimagined

If you are still craving for more outfit combinations, tune into The R Collective's Instagram on May 20th as our R' Collective friends join in to share their creative ways to restyle clothes.

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