R Fashion
Saying goodbye to R Fashion
- but not to our work!
At the heart of our mission is a commitment to reduce fashion waste through the rescue, reuse, and recycling of luxury textile waste. Embracing the principles of circularity, R Fashion has thrived for seven years to transform waste into wardrobes.

That said, all good things come to an end. As of February 2024, we've strategically decided to conclude R Fashion’s journey so that we can hyper focus on other areas of our work - where we are making the most positive impact.
Letter From Our Founder
Letter From Our Founder
Our founder celebrates the huge collective impact we have achieved to date, highlighting moments worth being proud of as we say goodbye to R Fashion and celebrate stronger beginnings with R Products and R Textiles.

R Impact

We are passionate about fashion and meticulous about rescuing materials. Discover more about our impact and responsibility here.

To date, we have rescued:

267,000 yards

of textiles and clothing waste

15,000 sq ft

of leather waste

R Heroes

R Heroes

To our cherished community, we extend a sincere thank you for believing in us. Fear not, we will be calling on you to continue being our heroes as we continue rescuing, reusing and recycling fashion waste as we continue our journey.

Discover more of our supporters here.

The R Collective lives on…
We are here to support and we’ve still got your back on pieces already bought. Learn more about your recent orders on our FAQ page.