Meet the women refashioning their closets

To reimagine fashion while inspiring others to create a conscious closet to love - we’re all for it! 

Refashioned gives you the power to conceive your ideal wardrobe must-haves. With our Refashioned collection, we’re giving you the power to conceive your ideal wardrobe must-haves. Not only do you have the freedom to customise products uniquely to you but it is also a more responsible way for us to operate given the post-covid cultural shifts in attitudes that calls for a slowing down of fashion. It’s a win-win!

Meet our fashion-loving friends from London, India and Hong Kong who are putting the very definition of Refashioned imaginatively to their closets. Mixing their demands for a hard working closet, they share how Refashioned's silhouettes - designed to give confidence and comfort - are now transforming their wardrobes into mindful creative spaces.

Laura Williamson 

Laura wearing our Aldgate Dress from Refashioned

What does your closet mean to you? 

It’s taken me a while to finally feel like my closet is in a good place. I’ve really shifted my mindset to become a more mindful and conscious shopper. As with everything in life, I believe sustainable fashion is all about balance. It’s not about completely overhauling your wardrobe all at once, but rather about making more  mindful purchases long term. 

I’m a firm believer in quality over quantity and I’ve been able to curate a really cool closet that’s a mix of old and new. I balance my vintage/secondhand pieces with ethical fashion pieces from sustainable brands that I love. 

I think this is a really important step in building a sustainable closet and promoting a circular fashion ecosystem.  

What will be the outfit’s first outing? 

The fit is really flattering and an added bonus is that it’s amazingly soft and comfortable. I don’t own a lot of maxi/midi dresses, so I’m really excited to add this staple piece to my wardrobe. 

This dress feels effortless and elegant, so I definitely think it’s perfect for a coffee shop outing,  work meeting, or brunch with girlfriends. The great thing is you can tone it down with sneakers or  dress it up with heels, so it’s really versatile! 

How does Made On Demand fulfil your wardrobe’s needs? 

I’m on a mission to show that sustainability is stylish, so I love that this Made On Demand collection aligns so well with my passion for fashion that’s both kind on the planet and kind on  people.

As we look for creative solutions to break the vicious cycle of fast fashion, I believe that upcycled  fashion made from deadstock or reclaimed materials is a positive step in the right direction. You’re  giving these fabrics a new life and combating textile waste. 

Also, since I’ve started investing in more transpersonal wardrobe staples, I feel so much better because I can go into my closet and choose almost any of the pieces for any time of year which makes getting dressed in the morning a lot easier. There’s nothing I hate more that clutter and building a sustainable wardrobe feels like a breath of fresh air.

Niya Jaymee

Niya wearing our upcycled Arnhem Jacket from Refashioned

What does your closet mean to you? 

My wardrobe evokes memories similar to those of my favorite music, foods and scents. When I put on just about anything from my wardrobe, I am taken back to the times when I wore it before. And if I want to feel a certain way, my wardrobe is the perfect place for me to start creating my mood for the day. 

I have a love for all things vintage Chanel and luxury brands. I’m always on a hunt for amazing secondhand designer pieces. I love to design and recreate my clothes. This is my true passion. My wardrobe is my creative space. 

Do you see fashion move towards more Made on Demand?

I would hope so, I believe we are definitely getting there. 

Growing awareness about the lifestyle factors that are linked to pollution and climate change is on the rise. People are more conscious about the way they shop. In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards buying secondhand clothing, sustainable fashion brands rather than always turning to the high street - which is the way forward.

If we are to see any major changes towards a sustainable future, our cultural attitudes surrounding the fashion that we consume and dispose of needs to change. 

Why is Made on Demand worth the wait?

Comfortable fashion choices come in many different forms. And for me, this starts with some form of sustainability. Buying what you love, knowing that you will wear it as long as the garment holds. I want high quality and timeless designs made in an environmentally friendly manner and with consideration to various ethical aspects. 

With the increase in awareness of fast fashion’s damage to the environment, I’m more comfortable in purchasing pieces from brands like The R Collective. 

@conscious.chapter & Aquaria 

Aquaria wearing the Gora Jumpsuit from Refashioned

What does your closet mean to you?

S: My closet is a way to express myself. It gives me confidence and comfort - depending on what I need each day. It is also a rewarding hobby for me to ensure my closet is ethical. Over time, I have learned a lot about the supply chain for fashion items and how detrimental it can be to the environment. So, to me, Refashioned’s made-on-demand model is a great step in the right direction.

A: My closet allows me to channel whatever I feel like on the day! My style can change a lot from day to day and I love that my closet lets me show that. Fashion is all about choice and Refashioned gives you the versatility to experiment with different fabrics and styles while giving you the assurance that your choices are not contributing to waste.

How does Refashioned’s made-on-demand model fit your wardrobe needs? Is it worth the wait? 

S: Made-on-demand items fit perfectly with my wish to maintain an ethical wardrobe, as I can rest assured there are no unsold items going to waste. Fashion needs to be slower to combat fast fashions' detrimental effects on the planet. I will always wait patiently for items made ethically It's the least I can do!

A: It’s different because as consumers we are so used to getting things right away. Yes, there is a slightly longer wait time and that is not a big issue. Afterall, you’re getting a product that is ‘made for you’, high-quality and long lasting. The whole experience will make you cherish your product even more.

@conscious.chapter  wearing our Ruda Pants from Refashioned

How can one positively impact the fashion industry?

S: You need to take it personally and remember your role in the global fashion industry. I can make by impact by actively choosing which businesses I support by being conscious about where I put my money. 

Fast fashion brands think they can trick consumers into continuing to support them, for example by greenwashing campaigns. We are all consumers, so that is personal. We all have the power to generate change by saying NO to fast fashion and YES to slow fashion.  

Mansi Shah

Mansi wearing our Karl Dress from Refashioned

What does your closet mean to you? 

My closet is like memorabilia - different pieces collected from my travels, some treasured gifts, and the rest are just a distant memory of what my past shopping habits used to be. It's an extension of my personality and it's a space I look at every day, so it's important what I keep inside it and how I take care of it.

Why did you select the Karl Dress silhouette and this fabric?

Off late, I've become insanely attracted to white-colored anything. I've also always loved a classic white shirt given how versatile it is. So I suppose it was only natural to pick this dress since it has the best of both! 

As for the fabric, I liked the fact that it was upcycled and even though Nylon is synthetic (which I'm actively trying to avoid), I think with regular care it will stand the test of time. 

The fabric would also work well on my travels and during different seasons in India, barring summertime. I like to think five years ahead when I buy anything :)

How does a 'Made on Demand' model fulfil your closet needs?

I'm the kind of consumer who likes to invest in quality pieces. A 'Made on Demand' model allows me the freedom to pick styles that I like, customize it to my size, and ensure that I'm putting my money into a garment that was made mindfully only for me. 

As someone who has become knowledgeable about sustainability in fashion over time, I also know that through this model - an antithesis to fast fashion - I'm preventing excess fabric wastage since the brand isn't making thousands of pieces that may or may not sell. 

This process also makes me feel special and provides exclusivity to my closet, which I love. Being closely involved with the brand that is making my clothes, and being a part of the design journey is super exciting. It's like the olden times when you would select your own fabric and get your clothes stitched to your size - how special is that?

Discover Refashioned and start your conscious wardrobe journey today. Let’s slow down fashion together.

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Laura Williamson, Slow Fashion Advocate | Niya | Aquaria | @conscious.chapter, Sustainable Fashion Advocate | Mansi Shah, Founder and Sustainabilty Activist