Meet The Women Celebrating Life

‘Celebrate Life’ - The R Collective’s latest campaign- focuses on the stories of those making a positive change in our community. Reflecting on the challenging year that was, today we speak with two more of our inspiring ambassadors- @conscious.chapter and Aquira - to see how they have emerged with stronger values, greater optimism and a renewed love for life.

Meet Content Creators and Sustainability Advocates, @conscious.chapter  and Aquira. This dynamic duo make up the striking couple behind Conscious Chapter, a content destination for sustainable fashion, lifestyle and travel inspiration. 

Originally from Norway, @conscious.chapter’s cross-country move to London in 2017 inspired her to document her sustainability journey.  Four years later, she and her partner Aquira share the real and raw experience of conscientious living; advocating for sustainable fashion, LGBTQI+ causes, clean eating and more.

@conscious.chapter  wearing our Ely Dress from Refashioned

Your passion for building a better future really shines through in the way you share your daily lifestyle. What does ‘celebrating life’ look like for you?

@conscious.chapter : Celebrating life is a reminder to make the most of every day, to consciously construct the life we want to live and to celebrate the small and big occurrences in life! Celebrating life also makes me think of conservation of the planet, and staying connected to it.

Advocating for conservation through fashion is a common cause close to our hearts! How does your ethos around 'Celebrating Life' translate in your clothing choices and how you manage your wardrobe?

Aquira: Comfort is both of our number one priorities, but we also love playing around with styles that say something about who we are and how we’re feeling. We wear largely ethical fashion, because part of celebrating life for me is to take care of the planet and its people.

Aquira wearing our Donovan Tank, Ruda Pants and Gisborne Jacket

How can we empower women and ourselves through fashion?

@conscious.chapter : A prime reason to invest in ethical fashion is to empower the women who make our clothes. That’s the most important aspect of female empowerment in fashion for us. From a consumer perspective, we feel like fashion can increase confidence and authenticity, which in turn can bring other benefits to mental health and life opportunities.

What does LGBTQ+ visibility mean to you and are there any changes you want to see in this area?

@conscious.chapter : I make an effort to be casually visible as one half of a queer couple, because I want to contribute to increase awareness and normalisation. I’d love to see even more people feel safe and comfortable to be themselves! We need visibility in all sectors.


@conscious.chapter  wearing our Dalston Trench & Aquira wearing our Hove Coat

Tell us about a time the community has shaped your life.

@conscious.chapter : It’s hard to think of one time, but I can say for sure that I rarely feel as safe, comfortable and accepted as when I’m surrounded by the LGBTQ+ community. Even though every individual’s path can be very different, there is usually a level of mutual understanding and some shared experiences that connects us.

How would you define your style?

Aquira I’m just me! I wear what makes me feel comfortable and what feels authentic to me: whether that is sportswear, retro vibes, vintage or androgynous minimalist. I shop in all departments to find items that empower me.

What’s your experience of style in the performance industry?

Aquira: I used to feel a pressure to conform to a very feminine stereotype in the performance industry. After coming out, I have embraced my gender-neutral style and gained both comfort and opportunities as a result! 


@conscious.chapter, Content Creator and Sustainability Advocate
Aquira, Content Creator
Photo Credits: Olivier Yoan, Photographer